Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Honest Dave

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Abraham Lincoln Home Springfield, IL Winter 2005

As I look at the daily postings on The11thhour I am struck to a certain extent with a sense of awe with how one person can generate as many well written, review oriented post as Dave at The11thhour.

While I don't always agree with his politics, I am quite certain of this - Dave has developed over the years from a news producer, to writer (his current profession), to one of the best bloggers in Central Illinois!

His reputation has grown far, and wide within the blogosphere, and for very good reason - he reads, as well as he writes!

I don't know if he reads quickly, or if he spends a great part of his day reading blogs, but never the less, he reads. And once having read, he then formulates his own spin - and cast that spin out upon the world via The11thhour.

I don't really know what I'd do if I didn't get my daily dose of Dave (that's 3D for short). When work looks all depressing, I can always depend upon Dave for making me laugh. When it seems I've lost focus, and don't quite know what happened that day I just check out Dave's blog for a quick jog back into the world of politics - from local, to national - he covers it all.

Dave is always scouting out for new blogs, and has introduced us to several fledgling blogs - acting as a talent scout for frustrated bloggers here in Central Illinois!

So here's to you Dave, hope you, and your's have a very excellent Holiday Season, may you continue to blog for as long as you want, but may you never want, as long as you blog.


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Dave said...

What, a slow blog day?

You might not agree with all of my politics but you know I'm right and you’ll soon be persuaded by my thoughtful line of reasoning. To paraphrase the leader of the free world, you're either with me or you're a dumbass.

Thanks for the kind words anyway, bud.

The Eleventh Hour

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