Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Snow Coming - It's For the Birds!

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Photo: Snow Upon Elephant Grass at Horace Mann Plaza

Transition complete!

It is now too cold to safely live outdoors. I say this knowing that there are homeless people living outdoors right in this community. Also there are native peoples who live in the extremes of the artic who would consider this recent touch of cold as a warm spell. But it is all relative, and relative to my expectations it is cold out.

Most people would agree that the walls are slowly shrinking in upon us. Not really cabin fever yet, it's just a slow but sure seduction of the cave life. Bring me another Sabertooth Skin!

It's not "officially" Winter yet, but make no mistake Winter is already here in Springfield, Illinois. The endless cloud cover, and the short days and long nights have brought us all back into the cave.

True, it's all very normal for this time of year, but just don't expect to see a big smile on my face until May!

Let's face it folks we are living in a vast refrigerated ping pong ball. Talk about depressing!

If I were a bear, or one of my lucky cats I'd stay home, and sleep all day for the next four months. I'd slowly awaken in the first week of April, noticing of course I had dropped about fifty pounds of winter blubber, stretch a big stretch, and greet 2006!

Forget about Winter folks, it's for the Penguins!

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Randy said...

Don't forget I am going to be in the warm gulf of mexico for one whole week in Jan. I will be thinking of how cold it is back here, but only for a second...

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