Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Spooky Little Nerd Prose

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Photo: JP Morgan Chase Bank - Downtown Springfield, Illinois

Spooky Little Nerd Prose
by JeromeProphet

You're a son of the one.
A daughter of imperfection.
You're a child of the dark.
You shine in my direction.

I'm bound within your rhyme.
Your patterns forms a lace.
I'm etched within your time.
A place within a space.

Speeding up is down.
Slowing down is up.
Spinning all around.
Someone get a cup.

All could be true.
All could be so sound.
All could be so lost.
All could be profound.

Is our eventuality.
A new cosmic reality.
A thought upon to dwell.

A quantum mind bender.
A brain cell blender.
A true contender.
A tall tale to tell.

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