Friday, March 31, 2006

Jerome, Illinois' 2006 Tornado - Lost Head - Will Pay

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Photo: Jerome, Illinois Tornado Victim - Wabash Ave. Headless Giant

O.K., so this is stupid, but I just had to post this photograph. I'll say how much this looks like a giant which has lost his head, and is fortunate enough to have a VISA credit card to pay for a new one, or at least to get the old one back. The giant's right hand seems to be imploring, or reaching out for his head, while the left hand grasp, and offers his credit card.

The head is now firmly back atop the Lauterbach "Paul Bunyon".

As I write this just past twelve midnight on the morning of March 31st, 2006 I hear the winds howling outside. I checked earlier, and the storm door blew back - the winds are strong.

Part of me is a bit nervous about trusting that Jerome won't get hit with another tornado, just because they touchdown so rarely. I keep wondering if the area isn't cursed, and that we are in for round two.

I suspect because of global warming that storms will generally become more intense, and occur more often. Just as we have seen major hurricanes strike the gulf coastal region one after another, I suspect that we are now living in a new era - one of evil storms for the Midwest.

Well at least the closest trees to our house have already been brought down.

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