Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brings The Night

Photo: Angelic Magnolia Bloom Flashed Against A Jerome Sky @ Dusk

Brings The Night
- By Jerome Prophet

It's in that moment.
Not one before it.

I feel like crying.
Like dying.
I feel so mad.

Not lived fully.
Slave to survival.
Compromised by a rival.
I call my life.

The day is done.
Gone forever.
Never. Never.
Will I be back.

It's in that moment.
Of desparate dreaming.
Like Running Screaming.
Is this my life?


I am content.
It's heaven sent.
Filling now.
With growing light.

For the darkness.
That surrounds me.
That impounds me.

Brings the night.
Photo: 04.10.06 - 7:30 P.M. Jerome, Illinois. A magnolia against a darkening blue sky at dusk. The growing length of Spring days, and the recent shift to Daylight Savings Time allows for some excellent photo opportunities.

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