Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Prophet On The Edge

Image: Google Results on "Particle Beams Artificial Lightning"

At least I'm not the only one discussing this subject.

Yet there is something strange about just how far up the Google Search Results list my humble little blog has climbed relating to the subject of Particle Beams, and Artificial Lightning.

Perhaps it takes a paranoid person to distrust Google?

Sure Google works hand in hand with the oppresive government of China to censor Google search results which are provided to the people of China, but Google would never do anything remotely similar for the U.S. government - would they?

The United States after all is a freedom loving democracy, and Google has vowed "To do no harm".

So perhaps I am paranoid, and my mad ramblings pertaining to a covert weather modification program are simply that - mad ramblings. That would seem to explain why my posting related to this subject are rated so darned high on Google. My ideas are so off the wall that no one else has thought of them, and for good reason - they're just plain crazy talk!

Still being a paranoid prophet means I have my doubts, and my lingering concerns.

I recall an incredible story in which a psychiatrist discovers two psychotic individuals who each believe they are Napoleon Bonaparte. They live within the same psych ward. The psychiatrist attempting to force one of these patients to confront their delusion ask how both could be Napoleon Bonaparte. Instead of confronting any previously held beliefs the patient responds, "Well, that other guy is just plain crazy!".

It's a funny story which illustrates the power of the mind to maintain a sense of balance even under the most incredible of circumstances.

I'm using the story here in another way though, for even abnormal thoughts fall into predictable categories. There really aren't that many original thoughts. Even those society deems based in mental illness are repeated in various forms the world over.

So I am stuck having to ask that if indeed I am insane, and my ideas are so out of synch with normal reality - so off the wall that the very rarity of their appearnce on the Internet is responsible for their high Google ranking then shouldn't there be at least a few other mentally ill individuals with the same insane fascination?

Shouldn't I be able to locate these insane people using Google's incredibly sophisticated search engine service so as to communicate with, and form associations with these like minded people?

By statistical probability there should be at least a few such individuals who have posted on the subject of using artificial lightning as both a weapon, and for altering rainfall patterns - shouldn't there be? The world wide web is made up of BILLIONS OF PAGES OF CONTENT created by hundreds of millions of people over the last decade, and so the odds are pretty good most searches will result in some type of valid response.

Yet it appears that I am all alone. I am unique, and alien in my thoughts. That's right folks for I AM NEW UNDER THE SUN!

Alone, and quite mad is what I must be. It's time for me to give up my search for other like minded people who hold a similar interest in the covert weather modification program being operated over the skies of the United States. The program which answers the question: CAN THUNDER MAKE IT RAIN?

I have grown so weak in my resolve to open up a dialogue about this off the wall subject - ESPECIALLY NOW THAT GOOGLE HAS PRONOUNCED ME INSANE!

Then again Google is doing its best to create the exact same feeling of isolation, and alienation in the hearts, and minds of millions of Chinese - those yearning for freedom, and democracy in China!

So just why in the hell would I ever put my trust a corporation like Google? Well, I guess I can't now can I? I'd have to be insane to do so.

And just in case you think that I'm blaming Google, and not MSN, or Yahoo, let me add that all the major search engines are being rigged by the companies which run them on behalf of the oppressive Chinese government.


Napoleon Bonaparte said...

Your story cannot hold water, Why? Because I am Napoleon Bonaparte and there can be only one of us!

Dave said...

I think you'll find you get more hits if you expand your search. Try:

Particle beams and artificial lightning Angelina Jolie

You just have to know how to use the internets.

email jp






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