Thursday, May 25, 2006

What A Week Of War Cost Us?

I was watching Mark McDonald's Illinois Stories on WSEC recently. I usually watch it when I notice it's on, but I never really plan on watching it. Still it's a good program, and the local focus makes it well worth watching.

I believe it was two weeks ago there was an edition of Illinois Stories on, and I must admit that I was only partially paying attention to Mark's interview of a librarian of a small town library. The small town was very fortunate as virtually no new libraries are being built in the State of Illinois due to budget problems. This library was built with a one million dollar donation from a well to do family - I believe some rich farmer left it to the city in their will.

It was a nice little state of the art library. Any small town would be proud to have a beautiful little library like that.

I kept wondering why our nation can spend money on Iraq, but we are too poor to build libraries for our own towns?

Isn't it time to win some hearts, and minds right here at home?

One week of funding the war in Iraq would build 1500 "million dollar" libraries!

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