Thursday, June 22, 2006

Playing in the Dirt

Randy from photo-etc requested that I resume a more regular blog post routine.

So I will.

I've been very busy recently. I purchased two tons of top soil this week, and leveled out an area in my backyard that was on an incline.

Thing is I bought the soil in forty pound bags - stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do.

It was a major undertaking.

Next comes some late gardening.

I firmly believe that man can not live by blog alone.

People need many hobbies, and diversions or else those means of recreation become stale.

My blogging pace may have slacked off a bit, but I don't plan to stop blogging. In the end I'll be out here bloggin long after many others have grown bored of it.

By the way Randy, I like your blog.


Randy said...

Great to have you back! I hope I did not come across as pushy. It is just weird not to see a new post every few days. I began to worry.

Thanks for the compliment. I learned a lot from you.

Dave said...

But where are the pictures?

email jp






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