Monday, July 24, 2006

Pride in the Service of the Fatherland?

Photo: Warsaw Ghetto Child

NAZI Germany was not a nation to love either then or now. There is no justification for what Germany did to the people of the world.

NAZI Germany no longer exist for a very good reason - like a mad dog it had to be destroyed. No one should feel pride for having served that nation.


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say in regaurds to that picture.. HEHE you should learn more =] That boy in the picture being "killed" actually later came forth alive and well today and said hey that was me.. Soo that picture really is not showing what you think. In regaurds to Nazi Germany.. sure they did want world domination and killed a lot of people that does not mean they did nothing good either. They were the first country to get womens rights and voting rights. First people to work on alternative fuel sources and many many other things we are just now trying to do. So if you want to say they hurt people wow thats true so did America and Russia during the war, Mainly Russia murdering its own citizens =]. So get some facts straight before you join everyone else in the world talking crap on Nazi Germany when they in fact did a lot more for the world and a lot of good then many other countries have ever done in their entire history.

Thanks =]

JeromeProphet said...



Your words betray you for what you have chosen to be.

As a Christian I can only say, it isn't too late to repent. You can still create a life worth living for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Although this piture is nothing to laugh about, it is true that Nazi Germany helped its people. By rebuilding the German army, Hitler created hundreds of thousands of new jobs for people working in factories to make war machinery and so forth. Also, Germany opened jobs for women to become professionals in science and other areas (as did Russia under Stalin). It is true that Nazi Germany killed millions of innocent people under Hitler's command, but so did the USSR under Stalin as well as China under Mao. There have been countless religious and racial genocides throughout history, and none of them should be laughed at. Although Germany did create new jobs and give women rights, i dont think that is any exscuse for the murder of millions of innocent people.

Anonymous said...

what an absolute neo-fascist horrible human being this 'shane' is. The fact that THIS child survived the Holocaust does not take away from the fact that around 90% of Europe's Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust. As for giving women the right to vote, actually that was the Weimar Republic before Nazi Germany, and the Nazis took away this right (as they took away every citizen's right to vote- DUH- they were a totalitarian dictatorship). Also Germany was NOT the first to get voting rights either, they were quite early on, but many other countries also gave women the vote before or in the same year Germany did.
In addition to this, putting the Holocaust in 'perspective' by comparing it to other atrocious regimes that killed millions of people does not in any way reduce the atrocity of the Holocaust.

If the comment was real, i pity you. if it was some attempt at a joke, i feel ashamed for you.

JeromeProphet said...

Human beings have within them the ability to do so many incredible things, positive things, good things, yet, we also are animals with base instincts we often fail to recognize. The desire to dominate, and consume is within us all. We use excuses to treat each other as prey. Race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, language, gender, sexual orientation - whatever the difference, are just excuses to hunt, kill, and consume other human beings, to dominate, to mount other human beings.

That is a dangerous behavioral trait within human beings in a world of ever increasingly sophisticated and powerful weapons.

NAZI Germany is an example of the madness that exist within humanity, and we must never forget the evils done by that regime, if we are to prevent it from happening over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Germany was by no means the only country to commit genocide, nor was it the only one to have concentration camps. Germany is not unique in this.
I am not making excuses, or even trying to make it ok. I agree that what was done was horrific on many many levels.

Then there is the argument that they never intended to 'kill' or 'exterminate' the jews. I know that may sound odd, but if you look at all the NDSAP's (nazi party) early claims (25 point policy) and even (the sections i've read)Mein Kampf and speeches, it all talks of removing them. the extermination only started as time moved on. as removal became harder and as Hitler became more daring.

However, I have one interesting point of view (I don't neccessarily believe it but it makes for an interesting argument)

Hitler was doing simply what he believed was right. He believed he was doing a good thing. So in following these beliefs is he evil?

JeromeProphet said...

Anonymous March 31 2009,

You see I am a big Jew lover. I see what the Jews have done for the United States, and for the West, and I can't help but think that they must be the chosen people.

Jesus was a Jew. Einstein was a Jew. Freud was a Jew. Oh what a people!

If Germany had been allowed to deport all of Europe's Jews to the United States we'd be even a greater nation than we are today.

Sadly, we rejected that historic opportunity to save the Jews of Europe, and better our society.

So yes, I think Adolf Hitler, and his henchmen were some of the most evil, and dumbest, human beings to have lived.

Hitler was evil incarnate, and he burns in Hell now, and for eternity.


Anonymous said...

look JP im a jew lover too. i know that what was done to them was wrong but so are you. Yes Eistein was a jew and so was jesus but being a jew does not make you better. look at our founding fathers, at christopher columbus, and many more people that have done good to the world. They weren't jews. It doesn't matter!! you just have to be smart and work hard to do what they did. BTW the guy who created the Atomic bomb was a jew, he just created a weapon that has killed many. Honestly i think that Hitler was smart in some ways, but stupid in others. And don't go around pretending like you're right about everything ad telling people to repent or that you feel sorry for them. U AREN'T GOD!! if you really are a prophet like you say. Just listen to waht people have to say, respect their opinion and don't judge them!!!!

JeromeProphet said...

Anonymous May 30, 2009 3:59 AM: I am not sure what your point is, but I would not typify Adolf Hitler as "smart" in any way. All humans possess intelligence to some degree, but Hitler led his nation to destruction, and was responsible for killing millions of innocent people. I stand by my statements about the Jews - they are a great people. I'm not a mindless supporter of every action taken by Israel, but overall I'd say the Jews have survived where others less noble would have failed. The people of the book, for whatever reason, have contributed greatly to world culture, including literature, the arts, and sciences. Not to mention religion. And one last prophetic announcement, having been raised Catholic, I can say this, he is burning in Hell - there is no doubt about it. He committed suicide, which means he is condemned to suffer in hell forever. Now, if he had in his final moments renounced his evil actions, and thoughts, and a soviet shell had broken into his bunker and killed a repenting Hitler, then maybe there could be some doubt - but since his final action was to take his own life - selfishly to avoid earthly justice, then he is surely condemned by God for all of his actions and burns in hell now. You may be confused by this, but I am not.

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