Saturday, September 16, 2006

September Shadows & Light

Photo: The Yard Shopping Center Parking Lot - Springfield, Illinois 9.16.2006

There's something about shooting an image of an area illuminated by the sun when it is approaching sunset. When the sun hangs low, and its glare is brilliant across the field of view the lighting creates a sense of space. The little reflections of the sun across the asphalt leading right up to where the image was captured reinforces the camera's perspective.

I decided not to go with a multi-color image since the glare washes the color out anyway, and it was shape, shadow, and perspective which I was interested in conveying.

The moment is captured - in space, time, shadow, and light.

How significant is this photo, or the moment it pretends to share?

That I can not answer.


19 said...

It's beautiful, JP. Time doesn't change. Do we change to accommodate time. Or do we continue going through time like we always have. Like it doesn't matter. Like it's an inconseqauential speck of dust to be brushed aside. Obviously, you shot a thinking photo. Today.

Randy said...

I agree, very nice photo. Keep trying really hard and someday you may be as good as me. :)

Why don't you submit this to This weeks challenge is "Bright"...

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