Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Silicon Valley's Tesla Roadster Puts Detroit To Shame!

The Silicon Valley Tesla Roadster

Drinking Liberally writes a stirring dream car post which reminded me of this mean machine. It makes one shudder. The Telsa Auto Company puts Detroit to shame. It quite literally blows anything sold at Isringhausen Imports away. You're looking at the future of automobiles.

Sadly, it won't be coming from Detroit anytime soon, as the failing auto companies in the U.S. are devoid of heart, mind, and soul, and would rather churn out SUVs, and monster trucks for the billy bob sector - oh yes, while bragging that they will get twenty miles per gallon soon!

Let's hope these small silicon valley based electric auto companies tell the first Detroit company which offers to buy them out, and shut them down, to stick it down an oil well!

Watch How Electric Dragster Whips Your Daddy's Favorite Gas Guzzlers!

Note: The video works fine for Firefox.

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