Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Want My Own Pyramid

Image: Who Will Build My Pyramid?

I'm watching this History Channel right now. There's a fascinating show on ancient Egypt playing right now called Engineering an Empire.

It is very likely that nothing will be left to prove that we were even here.

Radioactive Waste Will Be Our Only Legacy

Just look around. Everything you see will be gone - none of it will survive. We will leave nothing to prove we were ever here except our nuclear waste. That will be our legacy - our poisonous nuclear waste, but the pyramids will still be around.

In the spirit of the great pharoes I propose that a great pyramid be built to honor me. This great project needs to be started soon if it is to be completed before my passing.

Unlike the ancient designs I want my pyramidal tomb to resist grave robbers, and I have a plan for this. I want my pyramid to be filled with radioactive waste. Anyone going in will die from radiation sickness - a fitting curse to anyone dishonoring my final resting place.

Yes, my great pyramid, and radioactive waste will be all that remains from this era.

Now let the project begin.


Blevins said...


Speaking of Pyramids, what are your thoughts on there supposedly being pyramids discovered in the Ukraine that predate Egyptian? I had the article saved in favorites, but a yahoo search of Ukraine may bring it up.

19 said...

We could put it up on Wabash, but we'd need a zoning variance.

Hey, I don't m

JeromeProphet said...


I saw a small segment on cable on those "Pyramids" in Ukraine.

Some millionaire from (is it the US?) is paying residents of some downtrodden village to help him dig out the ruins.

They believe that if the ruins turn out to be pyramids they'll all get rich from the tourism.

But there's some doubt that the ruins are actually pyramids.

Still it's kind of funny, and interesting all at the same time.

That's all I can recall w/o doing a google search to become an instant "expert".

TO: "19",

Yes, a great Pyramid in the field south of Wabash. That would be a great place to put it.


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