Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Covert Weather Mod Covers Up Global Warming

In prior post I have argued that the United States is operating a covert weather modification program. I've stated that the U.S. is employing stealth aircraft equipped with artificial lightning (particle beam) generators, and other weather modification technology, and methods (e.g., infrared lasers, and ultraviolet lasers, and cloud seeding) to trigger lightning bolts.

I've also linked lightning to sonic booms (i.e., thunder) which I claim triggers rain by forcing water vapor within clouds to condense. I've argued that by triggering more lightning within clouds than would be present naturally that precipitation patterns can be significantly altered.

By triggering rainfall over areas that are stricken with drought, or by reducing likely precipitation in already flooded areas, a covert weather modification program could justify in economic terms its existence.

By forcing precipitation over rural areas energy can be drained from weather fronts headed toward heavily populated areas thus reducing the likelihood of tornadic activity in highly populated areas.

By seeding clouds with carbon dust (soot) dispersed from stealth aircraft surface dimming can be used to reduce temperatures, alter barometric pressure gradients, and change the course of hurricanes. And through the use of dimming water surface temperatures in areas likely to spawn hurricanes can be reduced, thus reducing the likelihood of hurricane formation.

One could reasonably argue that the consequences of a properly administered weather modification program would more than justify the cost of such a program's existence.

It can also be argued that having such a program available in times of war would be extremely useful, and that using such a program covertly in times of "peace" against adversaries, or in favor of allies, would find use in both economic, and military terms.

However, there is at this very point in the history of both mankind, and the planet itself, a convergence of issues relating to the use of such a program. Simply stated, in the age of global warming the most important consequence of using a covert weather modification program is to enable greater devastation to the Earth's climate.

What might be good for one nation at one point in history may in fact lead to tremendously long term negative consequences for all of humanity for thousands of years to come.

Using such a program to smooth out weather to our advantage is similar to using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in one room of a home that is engulfed in flames. One may feel comforted, and come to believe the danger is over, but by ignoring the greater crisis the entire home is doomed.

I mentioned before how odd it was that 2005 saw a greater number of severe hurricanes than in recent history, and yet 2006 saw not one single hurricane which hit the U.S. The effects of shutting down a hurricane season through the use of carbon dust cloud seeding may be an immediate savings of billions of dollars, but dimming does not result in a reduction of energy trapped within the atmosphere. Dimming surface areas will not stop the melting of the glaciers, nor will it stop the rise is sea levels, or an ice age triggered by global warming.

Covert weather modification will result in less political pressure being placed on our leaders to address carbon dioxide emissions, and addressing global warming as the rest of the world is doing.

Therefore I call for bringing the covert weather modification program out of the black. It most likely could be operated with significantly greater efficiency if it were no longer conducted covertly (e.g., lightning bolt corridors with significantly greater number of bolts in rural areas as needed to shut down tornadoes, and more accurately tune precipitation patterns). We then would need to admit that there is a huge problem which needs to be addressed - global warming.

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