Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday's Beer Bloggin Post!

If you mixed two of your favorite Root Beers would the resulting hybrid be:

  1. An improvement
  2. Simply horrible
  3. Hard to describe
  4. I hate Root Beer

Post your opinions, and include your favorite brands of root beer that you'd be willing to mix for the cause.



Marie said...

I love rootbeer. But, I don't really have a favorite brand. As for mixing rootbeers, the answer would have to be "hard to describe." But, only because it hasn't been tried. Yet.

Good beer bloggin post, by the way.

Constance said...

Root Beer should only be mixed with ice cream. Any brand will do. A & W and Dad's are always good.
Vanilla or chocolate, fudge swirl ice cream...
Hard to describe?

Is the cause a company merger?
Trying to save shelf space at the market?

Blevins said...

I have mixed barqs and A&W before...not bad.

But I think Mug and IBC are the best brands though

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