Sunday, November 05, 2006

USA Election Day Weather Modification ALERT!

This year I'm asking my readers to watch both the election results, and to keep an eye on weather leading up to, and on election day.


  • A right wing conspiracy to alter election results via weather modification


  • Thunderstorms effect arthritis suffers miles from the actual storm loci.
  • Thunderstorms prevent people from getting a proper night of sleep.
  • Thunderstorms during polling hours make voting more difficult.
  • Thunderstorms can cut power to voting machines.

Who are least effected

  • Affluent
  • Well Educated
  • Political, and Economic Elite.
  • Republicans

Who are most effected

  • Poor
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Those who already believe their votes won't count
  • Democrats


  • Stealth aircraft
  • Cloud seeding
  • Pulsed lasers (used to trigger lightning, thunder, and rain burst).
  • Particle beam generators (used to generate artificial lightning bolts).
  • Lack of public knowledge, and fear and alienation among those who do.
  • A series of close election.


The military, intelligence, and defense industry stand to gain from continued one party rule by the party they have most closely identified with since the Cold War - the Republican Party. This election will help determine how hundreds of billions of defense sector dollars is spent. Defense contractors like Lockheed, known for its close ties with NSA, and CIA, see the USA as home base. Few within such organizations would need to be aware of the existence of such a program to carry it out.

Program Already Exist

In previous post I have argued that a covert U.S. weather modification program has been in operation for decades. I have argued that a convergence of enabling technologies, and motivations, has allowed for the development of a successful covert weather platform. I claim that the NSA, and CIA operate such a program on a wide range of scales, from local thunderstorms to mesoscale continental weather fronts. For further reading please run a search on this blog for a listing of related post.

What to Look For

Take just a moment or two to ask yourself which elections are so close that an artificially intensified weather event would help change the result of the election. Then watch those precipitation, lightning, and radar maps closely.

The first step in modifying weather is to create overcast. The process must begin seven to ten days before. Altering jet stream patterns by shaping the ionosphere, doping aviation fuel to create more contrails behind jet aircraft is something that takes weeks to accomplish. So we need to look at how the overcast came to be in the first place.

Weather radar can be spoofed (by sophisticated radar "jamming" systems) so even a prediction of intense thunderstorms can be based upon entirely false information, and can alter voting patterns (there need not be an actual storm to influence voters to stay home).

Let's keep in mind the effects of sleep deprivation. A long lasting thunderstorm the night before an election would likely result in fewer votes cast - so we need to watch weather trends for several days before an election.

We need to look at how artificial lightning is used to generate sonic booms (thunder) which make it seem as if a thunderstorm exist when one does not, or in triggering a storm when and where one would not have existed otherwise.

Keep in mind that a few sonic booms traveling through a precipitation laden cloud can force condensation of water vapor resulting in a torrent of rain on a town, or even a section of a town. Which sections of towns see more lightning, and thunder, and rain on election day, or the night before elections? Do sections of metropolitan areas with democratic voters, or Republican voters receive more storms on the day of a close election?

Simply inserting a few dozen artificial lightning bolts into an otherwise mild thunderstorm may persuade some voters not to show up at the polls. In a close election this could be all that is needed to change the result of an election.

This Can't Happen In America!

Even a handful of particle beam generator equipped stealth aircraft could fly over vast areas of the continental United States in a very short time period. Such aircraft diving down from high altitudes into local areas with cloud cover could alter dozens of local weather events within minutes. It doesn't take a vast conspiracy to misuse a covert weather modification operation - if it already is in place.

A small group of self righteous "super patriots" convinced that they are untouchable due to their position within the national security state (Boeing-Lockheed-CIA-NSA) would be all that would be needed to man such an operation.

Even the use of pilots would be unnecessary if Remotely Piloted Vehicles are used. A small covert airbase (Utah has several connected with black-ops), a dozen RPVs, and a handful of "Oliver North Types", would be all that would be needed to alter the outcome of a series of close elections using weather modification.

If such a covert weather modification program were already in place for "experimental purposes" most of the support staff assigned to such a program wouldn't need to be aware of how the program was being misused. Those who had doubts about anything they might witness on election day would likely remain quiet, in fear for their lives, or concerned that any whistle blowing would result in prosecution for violating their secrecy agreements.

For those sophisticated readers who read this post with a smirk - it's time to step into the twenty first century. We live in a one party garrison state - in which corporate interest are held as more important than the good of the people. My fears are both logical, and based upon what is technically possible.

There is absolutely no one, and no institution within the United States of America that can stop the scenario which I have listed above.

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