Monday, November 06, 2006

You Should See My Scars

Video: Garbage: Bleed Like Me

This song is about girls who cut themselves. Shirley Manson had at one point tried to commit suicide. Hard to believe it, but she was tormented relentlessly as a child for having that beautiful head of red hair. She resorted to cutting instead of ending her life.

Bleed Like Me is an excellent song. Being the father of a teenage girl I can say that I know several teenage girls who have used, and periodically still use cutting as a way of dealing with the pain they feel - usually divorce related.

This song found itself circulating among the girls - most of whom, had never heard of Garbage before. Hey fathers - just because you're divorced, and don't live with your kids anymore doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell your daughters (and sons) that you love them every time you get a chance!

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