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Ancient Chinese Secret - Thunder Makes It Rain

I have alleged that the U.S. has been operating a covert weather modification program for a half century. I have claimed the U.S. approach is to employ stealth aircraft over heavy cloud cover, and that those stealth aircraft are equipped with lasers, and particle beam generators. The particle beam generators are used to ionize the clouds, and to trigger, or produce artificial lightning. The lasers are infrared, or ultraviolet lasers which can't be seen without instrumentation, and are used to create ionized paths which directs the path of the triggered, or artificial lightning.

I have claimed that the creation of artificial lightning is pivotal to weather modification as lightning results in the creation of sonic booms (thunder) which passes through clouds condensing water vapor, and triggering rain.
In several previous post I asked does thunder make it rain?

Unlike in the United States, China is using a less sophisticated route to modify its weather, and therefore the program isn't classified. The U.S. program is closely linked to a broad variety of military, and intelligence programs, and therefore absolutely no public discussion has been allowed on the subject.

The following is an article dating to 2004 in China's state run People's Daily

China will make further efforts in the next several years to improve its weather modification service from the current single function of disaster prevention and reduction to a multi-functional service, Qin Dahe, director of the China Meteorological Administration, said in Beijing on February 27.

Qin made this statement at the second China weather modification meeting from February 26 to 28.

According to Qin, such a multi-functional service includes not only disaster prevention and reduction but also air and water resources exploitation and ecological environmental protection.

"As one of the countries most severely harassed by meteorological disasters, especially drought, China has seen soaring extreme weather days and water shortage since the 1990s, all of which have greatly impeded China's economic and social development," said Qin.

To lessen this problem, China established the National Coordination Committee of Weather Modification in 1994 and held the first all China weather modification meeting in 1995.

"Since then, great progress has been made in China's weather modification service. From 1995 to 2003, China has become the world's number one in its weather modification service scale," said Qin.

However, the weakness of insufficient scientific research has begun and will further impede the development of China's weather modification service, said Qin.

In the next few years, while continuing to take agriculture as the major service content, China's weather modification will make more efforts in air water resources exploitation to lessen the country's hunger for water and in improving its service in environmental protection and transportation.

According to Qin, tests of precipitation and cloud dispersal for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Expositions in Shanghai is underway.

A plan for the development of China's weather modification activities from 2004-2010 was put forward to the meeting for discussion.

Weather modification means to modify the weather under certain weather conditions to the needs of people by artificial methods, including mainly precipitation enhancement and hail suppression, as well as fog, cloud and precipitation dispersal, frost prevention and thunder producing.

End Article.

Thunder Producing

In the last paragraph of the article above we see the final words, "and thunder producing".

Just why would China's weather modification service be interested in producing thunder?

Is it just because they like the sound of thunder?

Could that be it?

Are the Chinese scientist insane, or just plain ignorant?

What link do they see between producing thunder, and modifying the weather?

This is very perplexing indeed.
Here's the article in Chinese for my Chinese Readers

中国将进一步提高,在未来数年内从目前的天气服务功能单一防灾减灾的多功能服务 秦大河主任,中国气象当局说,2月27日在北京举行. 秦这番话在第二届中国天气从2月26日至28日的会议. 据秦 这种多功能服务不仅包括防灾减灾,而且空气和水资源开发和生态环境保护. "骚扰最严重的国家之一,气象灾害,尤其干旱 有了飞速天极端天气和缺水90年代以来, 所有这些都极大地阻碍了中国的经济和社会发展"琴. 淡化这个问题, 中国成立全国协调委员会,并于1994年举行的天气中第一个人影都在1995次. "从那时起,中国取得了长足的天气服务. 从1995年至2003年, 中国已成为世界上最大规模之一的天气服务"秦. 但是 弱点和不足,科研工作已经开始,将进一步阻碍了中国的影响天气服务 秦说. 在未来几年,在继续以农业为主要服务内容、 中国的天气将加大开发空中水资源,以减轻国家的饥饿和提升服务水环境保护和运输. 据秦 云和降水的考验,为疏散2008年北京奥运会,2010年上海世界博览会正在进行之中. 规划发展我国的影响天气活动从2004-2010年的会议上提出讨论. 天气手段改变天气气候条件下某些人的需要用人工方法 主要包括人工增雨、防雹,以及雾、降水、云离去, 防霜冻和打雷生产.

My Questions Follow

文章结束. 桑德在生产末段上述文章的最后,我们看到,"雷声大、生产". 刚刚为什么中国的天气服务有兴趣生产打雷? 难道只因为他们喜欢听惊雷? 莫非是它? 中国科学家是疯子,还是平原愚昧? 他们之间的联系是什么见风头生产、改装天气? 这确实是很困惑.

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