Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blevins' Mind Demons

Springfield, Illinois Web Journalist Palmer Blevins has asked for his readers comments on the subject of spiritual possession.

I'm posting my comment below.

With biblical possession we're looking at an observation, and understanding of an observation that dates to a time before the age of western science.

So how much of the phenomena of possession is understood via western science, and how much remains to be discovered?

There's also the spiritual, and religious approach to understanding such phenomena. Should any of that be factored in?

I'd tend to completely dismiss religious explanations, except I believe that in this case, at this point in time, western science has yet to grapple with several very important issues relating to human cognition, and behavior.

The scientific method, and the peer review process, remains unchallenged as a method for the development of human knowledge of the material world, yet human beings have only used this method for a very short time.

In the mad rush of eschewing anything seen as spiritual the whole realm of the spiritual has been cast into disrepute, and little scientific research has been funded in the field of parapsychology.

However, this state of neglect is about to change.

The coming age of quantum computers depends upon an understanding of types of quantum interactions which will most likely lead toward a greater understanding of how the brain works.

Science may soon verify that consciousness is the result of quantum interactions which incorporate non local input.

In fact the development of artificial intelligent computers may depend upon such interactions.

In any case huge amounts of money, and resources will soon be thrown into the development of logic devices of which their designs will depend upon a greater understanding of quantum forces than ever before.

One of the most profound obstacles to understanding quantum scale phenomena is the notion that what is seen at the quantum scale is necessarily confined to the quantum scale.

The next generation of computer scientist, engineers, software designers, communications specialist, and those studying logic will by necessity open the doorway to a future in which our "modern" classical understanding of causality, and locality will be challenged.

And how does this apply to the subject of possession?

If the brain is in fact a quantum computer, and if the brain is in fact networked within the supraluminal field, then spiritual possession may be not only be scientifically verifiable, but also rationally, and scientifically understood. We're about to find out.

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