Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dave Heinzel Challenges Gus Gordon To A Duel!

I recently added Dave Heinzel's blog to my blogroll, and so I was amused to discover that we each recently wrote about WICS Channel 20's Gus Gordon.

Heinzel states that Springfield, Illinois is just too small for the both of them, and has challenged Gordon to a duel! Heinzel states,

"So a time will soon come that I will be forced to face my antagonist and engage him in a duel. A duel of wits. A witty duel where only one man will remain standing, and the other will be forced to retire to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio".

Here's the link to Dave Heinzel's humorous post on my favorite weather caster Gus Gordon. Heinzel's post has already gathered eight comments, while my post has yet to inspire even one comment.

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daveheinzel said...

How odd that Gus had so much blogger attention on the same day. And the weird thing is that yesterday I happened upon your old blog about Gus, but I was not searching for Gus-related things at the time. And I had already known that I was going to write about him, but that only sealed the deal.

I was disappointed that Gus did not contact me to accept my witty duel proposition. Perhaps he is honing his skills and will announce his acceptance of the offer at a later date.

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