Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear Diary, George Will Has Broken My Heart!

My dear diary (online version),

Fellow diarist, Dave at The11thhour, recorded in his diary (online version) that Pulitzer Prize winning essayist, and syndicated columnist George Will (online version) had made a rather disparaging remark about diarist (online version).

George Will & Bow Tie

I wanted to record within you, my dearest diary (online version), a comment which I had left in Dave's Diary (online version) so that one day while looking back upon you, my sweet diary (online version), that I would recall my initial reaction at being labeled narcissistic by Pulitzer prize winning essayist, and syndicated columnist George Will (online version).

Here goes, cherished Diary:
"George Will is the paragon against which all others are matched when it comes to arrogance.

George Will is nothing more than a pseudo-erudite who has earned his livelihood entirely from the longstanding erroneous perception that anyone should ever, would ever, or could ever, care in the slightest about anything he has ever said.

Then again, I'm just a narcissistic blogger

I have nothing more to add tonight my beloved diary (online version) for I only wanted yet another chance to see words which I myself have written for they comfort me (online version) so.

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