Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dennis Kucinich - A Genuine Captain Picard?

Dennis Kucinich (Democrat-Ohio)

Tonight's Road to the White House 2008 (CSPAN) featured Dennis Kucinich's (D-Ohio) announcement of his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. Watch the video here (Most current RealPlayer Required).

As I watched, and listened to Dennis Kucinich's message I noticed it hasn't changed much from his last presidential run, yet I was struck with a vague feeling that Mr. Kucinich has moved to the Center.

Could Dennis Kucinich be using the same words he had spoken three years ago, and yet have magically moved to the Center? After some thought the explanation came to me, Dennis Kucinich hadn't moved to the Center, the Center had moved to Dennis Kucinich.

It was still very much taboo to ask commandingly when the troops might be coming home from Iraq during the last Presidential campaign, but Dennis Kucinich talked the talk, and walked the walk by opposing the Iraq war early on. Kucinich certainly gains credibility for sticking to his ideals, and now he appears to have been very sensible indeed.

In my opinion the greatest obstacle to a successful presidential run isn't his Kucinich's ethnicity, his height, or even Barack Obama, it's his hair. I have a hard time listening to what Kucinich is saying when I suspect his closest advisers have failed to point out his bad hair display.

Captain Jean Luc Picard - Bald - Dignified - A Babe Magnet

My personal recommendation for Dennis Kucinich is that he should pitch his rug into Lake Eerie in a public ceremony. If he's balding, and he doesn't like the half haired look he should shave his head. Anyone recall Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise, now there's a look for Kucinich! With Kucinich's striking features he'd look great without any hair.

Right now what the Democrats need is a dignified candidate who can honestly say, I've been consistent, and honest, I've been waiting, and now I want your vote. I can't entirely trust Kucinich if I believe that he believes that he can't win the Presidency just because he's balding.

While he's probably right to harbor such fears, he should try the shaved head look. He might just look way too cool for the Presidency - but no one could say he was hiding anything.

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Will said...

No doubt that Kucinich was prophetic in 2004. I think that will prove to be true with some other issues like trade and single-payer health care.

I'm not so sure about the shaved hair thing though. He needs to look as young as he can next to his new wife. I don't think she has hit 30 yet.

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