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UFOs - Red & Green Lightning Over Chicago?

Chicago & Springfield, Illinois - UFO Central?

I have now read of at least one report of green, and red "lightning" flashes over the Chicago area. The alleged observation was dated to October 2nd, 2006, one month before the O'Hare UFO was spotted. Similar red, and green burst of light flashed from clouds over Springfield, Illinois later in the month of November 2006. The Springfield, Illinois observation was made by yours truly - the author of this blog on the night of the ice storm which hit the Springfield, Illinois area on November 30th.

A reader sent me a "post" from a WGN weathercaster's "blog" which attempts to explain the source of the red, and green lightning flashes seen over Chicago. The WGN weather caster stated that despite appearances red, and green flashes from clouds overhead were just reflections of power lines slapping against each other. That electrical sparks below were causing the clouds to flash red, and green. It was an entirely predictable, and unbelievable response by Tom Skilling to a legitimate question from someone who actually saw the red, green, and blue lightning over Chicago.

WGN's Tom Skilling's Ask Tom Why

The following is a transcript of the Ask Tom Why exchange in which WGN's Tom Skilling provides an entirely implausible response to a genuine question about red, green, and blue colored lightning burst coming from withing clouds over the Chicago, Illinois area just five days before a UFO was seen hovering over O'Hare Airport.
Dear Tom,

During the storms that blew through the Chicago area in October (2006),
we saw what appeared to be colored lightning flashes while winds were raging. What was it?
- Gary Markis of Chicago, Illinois -

Dear Gary,

You are referring to the evening of October 2nd, when intense Thunderstorms raked the Chicago area with 60-90 m.p.h. wind gust.

Burst of hues in blue, green, and red were not from lightning, but from arcs of electricity from downed power lines, and from lines making contact with fallen tree limbs. Low clouds reflected light from those arcs, which, given the night's incredible winds, were taking place all across Chicago land.

Aluminum, and copper conductors are used in power lines. High winds can cause the lines to slap together, overheating and producing a colorized burning current similar to the sparks created during arc welding. - Tom Skilling the WGN Weather Expert -

My Take On WGN's Tom Skilling's Laughable Response

What WGN's Tom Skilling's response fails to explain is how the colored burst of lightning originated from within the overhead clouds, and not merely reflected from the bottoms of clouds. He answers as if he had witnessed the colored lightning himself, and possessed some special understanding of the phenomena. It's easy to see the difference between intense flashes of colored light flashing down upon you from a cloud, versus light simply reflected off the bottom of a cloud. Tom Skilling's reply is a stock answer, which fails to address the reality of the situation.

Most importantly, Tom Skilling's explanation fails to address thunder. If power lines are responsible for Chicago's colored lightning, this explanation fails to explain the red, green, and blue lightning flashes over Springfield, Illinois later that month. That lightning was accompanied by the sound of thunder coming from the very same clouds produced in synchrony with the lightning flashes.

Perhaps WGN's Tom Skilling will soon be waxing poetic about how electric power lines slapping together during high winds creates thunder?

The multicolored lightning over Chicago was seen just five days before a UFO was seen over O'Hare Airport. It was also seen over Springfield, Illinois during an ice storm which hit the Midwest three weeks later.

Red, Green, and Blue flickering lightning, is this something people should begin to expect to see more often? Probably so, and here's why.
Misinformation & Disinformation Sources Related to Green & Red Lightning
As an example of the disinformation, and misinformation which is presented to the general public, regarding red, and green lightning flashes, I provide the following quote from regarding red, and green lightning flashes:

"Power flashes are most visible and dramatic at night. They appear as an intense, sometimes pulsing glow emanating from a source on the ground. The color is usually a combination of blue, green, turquoise and orange - and the colors can change rapidly as the arcing continues. Power flashes can illuminate an entire cloud deck from underneath, which often results in it being mistaken for lightning".

This religion & weather related website dedicates an entire page instructing people on the difference between lightning flashes, and power line arching (although it never sites any sources for its claims - essentially playing the role of expert). The site states that green, and red flashes from clouds are actually not lightning at all, but are instead only reflections from power transformer arching due to high winds, rain, or ice. I find it amusing that despite their explanations that not one photograph on the page displays green, or red flashing. Why not?

WVLightning.Com Fails To Provide Visual Proof For Their Absurd Claims!..
Back to the Reality of Springfield, Illinois' Red, and Green Lightning Event
It is most telling indeed that after witnessing hundreds of thunderstorms during my lifetime, that I have never witnessed clouds flashing Red, and Green before the night of November 30th, 2006 (although I have the feeling that we're all going to be seeing this much more often in the future).

While I have seen electrical arching from power lines, and transformers several times before it has always been a blue, or purplish blue light illumination which was cast upon the clouds above. Never in all of my decades of watching thunderstorms have I seen red, or green burst of light coming from within clouds, or even if we are to believe the fairy tales provided by the likes of Tom Skilling, even reflected from below the clouds. It is as if we are now expected to "believe" in a new type of lightning - colored lightning, and at the very same time, doubt our own perceptions about the origin of such colored flashes. We are being asked to place ourselves into the category of the idiot child. Thanks to the U.S. government, and misinformation coming from honorable people like WGN's Tom Skilling, and the folks at, we must doubt our very perceptions, and our own intellect, and believe in the new American religion of the colored cloud gods.

I doubt my own perception of the origin of such heavenly illuminations, for such flashes were mere reflections off the bottom of the clouds, and did not originate from within the clouds themselves - even if I was right under the clouds, and could see clearly that the illumination was from within the clouds.


I no longer remember the clear sounds of rumbling, and thunder coming from within those very clouds - in synchrony with the green, and red flashes. Nor do any of my family members remember such a synchronization of rumbling thunder, and flashing green, and red lights within the clouds.


I accept that electrical wires agitated by high winds, and ice, slapped against each other thus causing the bright red flashes and greens flashes - even though I've never seen this before, and no one else ever has either.

. .

Bright flashes of red, and green in the sky have always been normal during periods of high winds, and ice storms.

But what about the Thunder?

Electrical lines slapping together during ice storms, and high winds have always produced thunder.

Tangerine, and Pink Colored Lightning - An Appeal!

Now that we have the poop on those silly red, and green light flashes that have been introduced to our clouds - and long overdue I might say, I'd like to recommend some other colors for lightning. Don't get me wrong, red, and green make an excellent addition, but let's not hold ourselves back here!

Dear CIA (black-ops division),

Could you include the color pink in your next artificial lightning display over Springfield, Illinois? I have always loved the color pink - they say it has a relaxing effect - and I agree.

Perhaps tangerine colored lightning would be nice too - I simply love tangerine!

I had a sweater once, not very nice, but I believe it was a gift from my aunt Hilda.

It was tangerine colored.

At first I didn't know if I liked it. I never had a tangerine colored sweater before, but everyone I'd meet would come up to me, and say, "Hey, I like your sweater, what is that color? "

I just don't think tangerine is a color that's appreciated as much as it could be. I'm a complete convert on tangerine! I have a complete collection of tangerine colored clothing which I wear around the house - you should just see me!

So if your super secret scientist out in Utah would be willing to alter the mix of gases that are injected into those superstrobe whatchamacallits then maybe we could all enjoy some tangerine lightning!

Oh yes, don't forget pink!

UFOs Used As Disinformation

The U.S. government has been spinning the UFO myth since the beginning of the Cold War. UFOs have been used as a means of covering up covert operations involving classified military projects, and spycraft for over five decades.

What is motivating such activity today? Possibly the blogosphere. As citizens of the new democracy called the blogosphere begin to speak openly, and honestly to each other the U.S. government may feel a need to inject a sense of paranoia, alienation, and fear within the citizenry - what else works better than a visit from little green men?

Oh yes, Osama Bin Laden.

This from NPR

UFO Is Reported at O'Hare; Feds Are Silent

Listen to All Things Considered Report Here, January 1, 2007 · In November, a gray, metallic, saucer-like object was spotted hovering above Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. As many as 12 United Airlines employees spotted the object and filed reports with United.

Officials at the airline say they have no knowledge of the incident, and the Federal Aviation Administration is not investigating.

Melissa Block speaks with Chicago Tribune transportation reporter Jon Hilkevtich, who reported on the incident.


Anonymous said...

I beleive you.. See in Phoenix, the other night. the sky lit up in Turquoise several times during a thunderstorm. Never in all of our monsoons, has the thunder coinsided with a strike of TURQUOISE lightening, at at different levels of brightness. I beleive it was our storm on Aug. 22 2008, which is how I found your blog seraching for other instances of colored lightening.

Roberta Ross said...

I enjoyed your new religion ideas, very funny. I found this site because this morning as I woke and looked out across the Chicago sky line I glimpsed lightning. I turned my attention to the area I saw it and waited and before long...GREEN LIGHTING! Not a bolt but the sky from in the clouds illuminating in green, never seen anything like it. There also dosent seem to be an actual storm at the moment even though we are expecting some weather.

email jp






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