Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Springfield Illinois Firestone Tire & Auto Art

Springfield, Illinois Firestone Tire and Auto Macarthur Blvd

I'm too poor to be an alcoholic so I do art. This one just leaped out at me. I took it a few months ago during a rainfall. The streets were wet, and all the lights from all the businesses, and traffic lights were gleaming mystically long across the pavement. I just love that effect, but it's often hard to capture that je ne sais quoi which seems so appealing in those moments.

Perhaps its the mixture of darkness overcome by light? The light is not wasted like on an ordinary night. It is not dulled, but made spectacular. Each bit of light bounces off the water splashed street coming together with the eye to form rivulets of color.

Is this theme one of sadness overcome by joy, death overcome by life, beauty and radiance?

I'm not sure what it is, but it uplifts me to see it.

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