Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When Meteors Hit Chicago Suburb

NBC: Meteors Turned Night Into Day Over South Chicago Suburb In 2003

Back in March of 2003 flashes of light, and the sound of thunder rocked a Chicago suburb as a rain of meteors struck homes in the south Chicago suburb of Park Forest. Several homes were damaged. Scientist requested that all meteorites be located, and turned in for study.

As Reported By NBC

Callers flooded police departments, fire departments and various television stations overnight. NBC5's Kim Vatis, reporting from Park Forest, said it turned out to be a meteor shower "that forced a shower of panic calls" to authorities all over the Midwest.

In Park Forest, some people who were in their living rooms watching war coverage, thought the United States was under attack with the amazing light show produced by the meteors. It started with a blast of light and a thunderous sound, witnesses told Vatis. Then, chunks of meteorites dropped from the sky. One of the larger segments fell through the roof of a family home and into the bedroom where a young boy was sleeping.
As Shared by UFO News - A February 2007 Deorbit

BBC: Space Junk Leaves White Trail During Deorbit

Needless to say we live on a planet which possesses gravity, and objects rain down upon Earth every day. The Earth is orbited by thousands of pieces of space junk consisting mostly of old satellites. Slowly these object's orbits decay and most of these objects burn up harmlessly before ever reaching the ground. Many of these aerial displays are mistaken for alien space craft. NORAD tracks hundreds of thousands of objects left in orbit. Recently the Chinese tested an Anti Satellite Weapon which added tens of thousands of small very fast moving objects into Earth orbit. Objects of this type endanger crew aboard the space shuttle, the International Space Station, the United States top secret space plane, and future missions to space by all nations including the Chinese themselves.
UFO News

Video on Youtube

BBC Video Broadcast

Meteor Light Flash Story and Photo by NBC

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John said...

Hey JP-

Did you happen to see all the stuff in the air on Super Bowl Sunday? I saw that Channel 20 was reporting sightings of bright lights in the sky here and at several locations south/southwest of Springfield.

My wife and I always skip the Super Bowl for a nice dinner out together, and we saw some of the stuff in the sky. I didn't think much of it until I saw the news the next morning. What was really interesting was that at one point, one of these things flared up, and the sky got really bright for a few seconds.

Very cool stuff. I couldn't help thinking of the Highland UFO sighting several years back, although reality told me meteors or space junk.

JeromeProphet said...


See my next post on this subject.


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