Sunday, March 11, 2007

FLUTD Related Veterinarian Bill - Surgey Day III

Male Cat Urinary Blockage Treatment
Due to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder
..... Second Veterinary Clinic - Surgery - Day III
$ 00.00 .......... Buprenex Injectable
$ 26.13 .......... Clavamox Drops 15 ML (Bottle)
$ 24.90 .......... Pain Meds, Pre/Post Surg. Feline
$152.15 .......... Anes. Sevoflo (inhalant)
$458.35 .......... Perineal Urethrostomy
$ 30.40 .......... Injection SQ/IM
$ 46.30 .......... Fluids Intravenous
$ 24.75 .......... IV Fluid Therapy (Infusion Set)
$ 41.00 .......... Medical Hospitalization
$ 00.00 .......... Recheck With Surgeon (two weeks later)
$779.23 .......... Total For March 9th, 2007 (Second Vet)
This bill is for the actual surgery to remove our cat's penis. Crystals which form in the bladder of cats can block the elimination of urine which causes a life or death condition for male cats. After three bouts with FLUTD it was necessary to remove our cat's penis in order to save his life.
This type of surgery like any surgery involved risk, but when successful it all but eliminates future threats to our cat's life due to FLUTD. We took our cat to a third service provider as the most experienced veterinarian in the area who performs this type of surgery practices in a nearby community.

More Bills To Go

If untreated FLUTD is fatal in male cats between 24 and 36 hours. Essentially you have three choices pay up front to catheterize the cat with no assurance that you won't end up needing to catheterize again, euthanasias the cat, or take the cat home to die a painful death.

If you don't have the money or the credit your cat dies. If you have the money, and the credit veterinarians can pretty much charge whatever they want. If you stop paying at any point your cat dies - it's that simple.

Other Billing Pages For Same FLUTD Incidence

$ 675.10 ..... Page One
$ 133.25 ..... Page Two
$ 136.70 ..... Page Three
$ 779.23 ..... Page Four
$ 135.25 ..... Page Five
$1859.53 ..... Grand Total (Not Including $1500 For Same Cat & Problem 11/2006)
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder is a real money maker for Veterinarians. It's a life or death condition for male cats. Companies which produce popular brands of cat food still include too much phosphorus, and magnesium in their formulas.
Despite switching to a prescription only cat food our cat's urethra was so badly scarred from being catheterized twice in November of 2006 that he still ended up being blocked again by March of 2007, and needed surgery to prevent further episodes of FLUTD by having his penis amputated.

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