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UFO Over Springfield, Illinois November 2006

UFO Over Springfield, Illinois - November 18th, 2006

This Object Appears In Several Photos Taken November 18th, 2006

I've held off posting these photos for several months now. I don't really know what this object is. I can say I took several photos of it. I turned my camera physically from landscape to portrait, and the photos show the object still over the same area in the sky.

One of the gifts, and curses of taking thousands of photographs a year is that eventually you get some rather strange ones that you can't explain.

Here's The Same Object From Farther Back

What is it? I have no idea.

The view is west around sunset. It might be contrails, but it looks very odd for contrails.
There's been a major UFO sightings wave for the last several months, and we all have heard that Chicago's Ohare was visited by some type of flying disk only eleven days before I took this photo.
Still I make no claims as to what this is, but I will say this. I did not alter the photo in any way - except to edit it for presentation on this blog.

Why I waited. I showed the image to members of my family, and told Dave about it, but frankly I wanted to retain some level of credibility with my readers. UFOs are very controversial, and I've been posting a great deal about such phenomena. For me to take photos of said objects sounds a little too coincidental. I don't want people thinking I'm faking this.

Dave suggested I go ahead and post them anyway so I will.


John said...

JP-Thanks for posting these. Those pictures look a lot like what I saw the night of the Super Bowl. My wife and I were going to dinner, and we saw a very similar object in the sky west of town. I noticed it first as we were driving near West near Washington Park, but it was still there several minutes later when we were on West Wabash. It looked very similar to what you've posted here.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that coming out of SAINTS smoke stack. I belive its Barack Obamas cigarette butt.

Anonymous said...

WHo goes out to dinner the night of the super bowl? UFO's give me a break Mr Star Trek

JeromeProphet said...

Quite a few people do - go out on the big Super Bowl night.

I for one was home, but I am so supersticious I can barely watch the game to enjoy it.

I have my old trick of listening to play by play on the radio, while watching the game on television.

If things start going bad, I'll not watch a few plays in a row.

Then when things go really bad I'll start cursing, and shouting.

Finally I'll give up, and turn the television off and just listen - making deals with the devil to lift my team up just one more time.

Very stressful.

But seriously probably hundreds if not thousands of people saw something, probably a meteor or satelitte burning up that evening.

This object or phenomena was taken months before the Super Bowl.

Not sure what it is.

One thing I'm sure of, it was lens flare, or dust on the lens, because I switched the camera around from lanscape to portrait, and the object still appears in the same spot in the sky.

I also moved around a bit and the object persisted despite the movement.

So I believe the "object" is real, I just don't know what it is.

Therefore to me it would be a UFO.

What that implies? I just don't know. I never said anything about little green men.

Star Trek - a totally cool show - so that's taken as a compliment.


JeromeProphet said...


I meant to say it wasn't lens flare, or dust.



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