Monday, March 12, 2007

WICS 20 - My Love Was Pure

If I Could Only Touch You

Keep Your Hands Off Her - She's Mine!

He's Just Using You - You Know That Don't You!
It may look like I'm stalking the WICS 20 video camera, but it's just a coincidence, really it is! Sure she's beautiful, and I find myself drawn to her, but I know it would never work. She's high tech, and meant for the lime light, while I am destined to lurk in the shadows.
The photographs above were taken at the Jerome, Illinois Tornado Survivors Party. The party was held March 11th, 2006. It was held Sunday at the Jerome Community Center. There were hundreds of Jeromites in attendance. Today, March 12th marks one year since two F2 tornadoes visited our fair village. We were exceptionally lucky. If the tornadoes were just a bit stronger we would have lost some lives, and I doubt there would be much left of the village.

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