Monday, April 09, 2007

What Is A Green Meanie?

Penny Lane Mural - Green Meanie

I have completed my digital renovation of this small section of the Springfield, Illinois' Penny Lane mural. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many hours it took me to edit this image. Yet I like the effect. This section features what I'm calling the Green Meanie. He's only mean because he's sticking his tongue out, and doing the nana nana boo boo with his hands and ears.

What Is A Green Meanie?

I believe the creature is some type of gnome, and is probably an alien.

I've seen these cartoon characters presented with with one eye before. sometimes more. I'm not sure if the one pictured above actually has an eye.

I suspect they are very intelligent, but are usually comical and therefore possibly inept.

Then again I'm only guessing as I've never seen or hallucinated one.

Springfield, Illinois - Penny Lane Mural - Green Meanie

The original mural of which Green Meanie is a part is located in Springfield, Illinois on south Macarthur Blvd. Green Meanie is just one character on an incredible mural on Penny Lane's north side. The mural is now in disrepair having been painted in 1995 by Mike Moyosky.


Bradjward said...
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Bradjward said...

Maybe while you are at it you can spell Springfield correctly on the side of their building.

Seriously, I can't believe they have never fixed that.

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