Friday, May 04, 2007

Sesame Street's Ernie Visits Penny Lane

Digitally Restored Sesame Street's Ernie Is Happily Seated Next to Death - The Driver
Not sure what the creature seated behind Ernie is. Maybe it's a lion, or a bear? Big ears, and purple is all that I can come up with. Could it be a Grateful Dead Bear? Ernie played many roles on Sesame Street as I recall. The Ernie in the Penny Lane Mural is a long haired rock star version of Ernie.

Not seen in this close up are Darth Vader to the left. Darth is hanging out of the entrance of the bus with light sword in hand. To the right of Ernie (also not seen) is a skeleton man, in the Grateful Dead style. Mr. Bones is definitely driving the bus folks. Ernie seems unconcerned.

The name of the bus "Further" is a reference to "The Bus" which was a psychedelically painted school bus used in a 1964 cross country bus trip. Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters brought plenty of acid, and every other kind of drug along for the tour. The bus was crammed with rock amplifiers, and musical instruments. The tour influenced a generation helping to kick start the counter culture revolution of the 1960s.

Ernie of Sesame Street Fame Is Prominently Featured On The Penny Lane Mural

Thanks to my readers I have now correctly identified Ernie as Ernie, and not his sidekick Bert.

Ernie is seated in the front most passenger seat on the Penny Lane Bus. Penny Lane is located in Springfield, Illinois. The exotic novelty shop is covered in murals. I am presenting a segment of the Penny Lane Mural here in digital format.

I have digitally restored the mural for presentation here, but the actual mural, despite needing a revamp is even better. Go visit Penny Lane. It's a neat little shop, and check out the murals on your way in.


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That's Ernie, actually.

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Thanks for sharing. This is great what you are doing. Have you done the entire mural? I would love to see it. -mjm

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