Sunday, July 08, 2007

Open Letter to Senator Dick Durbin

Senator Durbin,

I've been a life long supporter, and wish to thank you for your service.

As I see it, President Bush will not bring our troops home from Iraq despite mounting opposition to the never ending war there.

I believe the Iraq war has harmed the national interest.

I've seen you speak several times on CSPAN, and I suspect you are as frustrated with the Bush Administration as the majority of the American people are.

I realize that the slim Democratic majority in the Senate makes it difficult to proceed in any bold fashion. Without Cloture Republicans can filibuster - effectively killing a bill before it even has a chance.

Unfortunately, I have begun to notice in the blogosphere that many who supported Democrats in the last election feel betrayed.

I'm hoping that this sense of betrayal doesn't keep people from voting in the extremely important 2008 election.

The fate of the nation depends upon voters understanding that Democrats did not betray them, but that they simply lack the votes to overcome Congressional procedural obstacles employed by Republicans. That such procedures will prevent bringing our troops home unless either the Democrats take additional seats in the House and Senate, or until we have a Democrat as president again.

I believe that our nation should be using the money we are wasting in Iraq on subsidizing a shift to alternative fuels.

We've wasted so much of this nation's treasure on the Iraq debacle it is simply mind boggling to wrap one's thoughts around how much good we could have done right here in this nation.

I often wonder how many wind mill farms, geothermal electric plants, and solar plants could have been built with the money we have wasted on the Iraq war?

I can only guess how many more hybrid vehicles, flex fuel vehicles, and electric vehicles could have been purchased if we had used money wasted on the Iraq war to finance tax breaks for those purchasing such vehicles?

I see many problems ahead for America which can be avoided if we only had leaders willing to tell the truth, and challenge corruption.

I feel that you are such a leader. Please do what you can to end the Iraq war, and help this nation move toward energy independence.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Edited for presentation on my blog. I sent this to the Honorable Senator Durbin.

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