Friday, August 31, 2007

America's Bathroom Cops - Our Secret Friends

Lavatory Patrol in the USA*

  • At any point in the United States there are approximately 800 vice cops staking out public bathrooms.
  • The average vice cop spends 4 years on bathroom patrol.
  • Vice cops are allowed to use video recorders while on bathroom stake outs in 12 states.
  • Vice cops spend up to one year in training before bathroom assignments.
  • Simply moving any part of a foot or hand, umbrella or clothing into an adjacent stall, or looking into a stall, or tapping a foot while in a public bathroom is enough to land you in jail for lewd behavior in all fifty states.
  • Over 198,000 men are charged for lewd behavior while in bathrooms each year.
  • Across the U.S. it is estimated that over one million sexual encounters take place in public bathrooms each year.

*U.S. Department of Justice Criminal
Fictitious Statistics Unit Annual Report 2005

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