Sunday, August 12, 2007

Did JFK Ever Watch The Jetsons?

ABC - The Jetsons Promo 1962-1963

While watching the YouTube Version of a black and white promo for The Jetsons I wondered whether President John F. Kennedy ever had the time to relax in front of a television, and watch some mindless entertainment. If he had he might have watched an episode or two of The Jetsons.

The Jetsons Would Have Aired In The Last Two Years Of JFK's Life

The President would have had a color television, and so would have seen The Jetsons in color. With nearly forty years left until the beginning of the 21st Century there might have been some crazy notion that the future might turn out like that portrayed in the Jetson's Cartoon series. What with flying cars, and robots, etc.

The Jetsons series was originally aired on ABC in the evening for adults, from 1962 to 1963, with a total of twenty episodes being aired. Later in the 1980s dozens more episodes were created.

The 21st Century just started less than a decade ago, and so there's still plenty of time for flying cars, and robots. I don't know about the high rise platform houses as they look a little dangerous even if they do afford a beautiful view.

JFK Inspects Mercury Capsule - 1962

JFK was married and had two children living in the White House at the time at the time The Jetsons was on the air. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also the first space age president, and may have found such a cartoon series humorous if he had ever watched the show.

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