Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Groking Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln's Life Face Mask - Based On AP Photo by M. Spencer Green

We are still trying to understand the man that was Abraham Lincoln. What does his face reveal? Lincoln's face was asymmetrical, but beyond that observation what do we really see when we look at Lincoln? What can we intuit of the man's nature from his worn face. The life mask upon which the image above was based was created just two months before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

What Do We See?

Do we see the effects of the Civil War?

Do we see the loss of his beloved sons?

Do we see his struggle with Mary Todd?

Do we see his depressions?

Do we see a prescience of his fate?

Do we see his better nature?

Do we see his valor?

Do we see his sense of humor?

Here is the image of a man who shaped himself from humble beginnings, a man who never stopped growing. Here is the image of a man who met the challenge not just of a lifetime but the fate of a nation, and of history itself.
About the Image: I did some digital enhancement, but it's still very Much Abe's face.


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