Friday, October 05, 2007

Dad, I Broke My Cell Phone

Pink Razor: Deliberately Destroyed Sixteenth Birthday Gift

Daughter: I have some bad news.

Dad: What?

Daughter: I broke my cell phone.

Dad: How did that happen?

Daughter: (lie) I put it on top of my car, forgot it was there, and I drove over it.

Dad: That's just great.

Daughter: Don't worry, Mom's already ordering a replacement.

Mother: Did your daughter tell you what she did?

Father: She left her phone on the car, and ran over it.

Mother: Well, actually that's not how it happened.

Father: What do you mean?

Mother: (truth) She was angry at me so she snapped it in half.

Father: What?

Mother: Don't worry, I've ordered a new phone.

Father: This is unbelievable! She should buy her own phone!

Mother: I'll pay for it myself.

Father: We don't have the money.

Mother: We'll have to cut back on food for awhile.

Father: The world you've arrange for her has no consequences, do you know that?

Mother: She needs a cell phone.

Father: She's acting like she's six not sixteen, and you're enabling her!

Not to buy her a laptop computer for Christmas which the daughter claims she can't live without.


djSOUNDs said...

The parents should teach their daughter a little discipline "you must be responsible for your actions" no matter how old their daughter is. In reality when she does grow up, beside having "girls mature at a younger age" benefit, she should go out and find a job to replace that cellphone.

The parents however didn't act accordingly, having to sacrifice food for someone's accessory is SPOILED KID scenario. Parents should understand that when they were young once, they were responsible for their actions. Why not apply the same rule for the kids of today?

djSOUNDs said... addition:
I know this rule for a fact.. I have 4 daughters the eldest 20 yrs old, youngest 2yrs old

JeromeProphet said...

DJSounds: You're right, she's spoiled. One can only hope as time progresses that she'll learn to curb her temper, and the value of a dollar. Thanks for commenting. JP

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