Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do Be A Good Bee!

Oh My God It's Romper Room Kids!

It's Jack!

Don't believe it kids. It's the behavior that's either appropriate, or inappropriate, not whether you are "good" or "bad". While Jesus said that no men were good, and that only God is good, humanism teaches us that each person is innately good, and needs a positively structured, yet free society in order to realize their full potential. I guess that lesson didn't rhyme.

I Can See You - Billy Are You Masturbating!

And kids it's kind of scary that they can see you from the "magic mirror" isn't it?

Don't Forget To Obey!

I never do anything right!
I always do everything wrong.
Do be a don't bee - do evil all day long.

Note: A Springfield, Illinois Blogger has a story to tell.

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