Monday, October 29, 2007

Quisp & Quake


My father was a sales representative, and then a purchaser for Bunn Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. His position came with a neat perk. Every time a new food product was released we'd end up with lots of free samples long before the product would ever hit the store shelves.


I was asked many times to "test out" products for my dad. He just wanted to know what us kids thought. I definitely liked Quisp and Quake. They pretty much tasted the same, but were pitched differently. Quisp won out in a contest between the two cereals, and continued being sold long after Quake. In fact Quisp can still be purchased in several cities, and can even be purchased over the Internet! Quaker also sells Quisp as a bargain cereal, and I've eaten it several times that way. Quake on the other hand has been relegated to food lore history.

Video: Quisp and Quake Are Introduced

Introducing two products which seemingly compete against one another sounds a little odd, but it increased shelf space, which is all important. I'm fairly sure that me, and my brother used to fight it out as Quisp and Quake - both of us high on sugar.

Video: Quisp and Quake Commercial Featuring Quake

As you can see these commercials are really quite hilarious. I wish someone could get some better copies out on the Internet. I often wonder what happened to all of the neat commercials which most of us watched as kids during Saturday morning cartoons. Back then cartoons were only aired on Saturdays, and Saturday morning was the best thing ever. It meant eating the sugar cereals long before your parents would awaken, and watching cartoons!

Video: Quisp and Quake Commercial Featuring Quisp

Most kids liked the wild sugar induced quazzy Quisp better than Quake. I wonder if Quaker knew that it would work out that way before launching the products?

Video: Quake Gets His Short Lived Remake

As Quake sales dropped an attempt was made to save the product, but it failed in the end. An official vote was taken, and kids voted Quake into non-existence.

Here's a nifty place to buy Quisp, and to learn more about the product's history!


Briblog Blog said...

Look into it. Quake became "Capn' Crunch." I'd bet the farm. I was always a Quisp man - Quake & Capn' always gunked up my teeth.

Scipio said...

Of course it didn't.
Cap'n Crunch was introduced two years before Quisp and Quake.

JeromeProphet said...


I don't know which one came first, but I loved those cereals as a child, and you can still buy them in their original form as bargain cereal - under a bargain brand today - except in some major markets you can actually buy Quisp in some Supermarkets - and buy it online too. Today I tend not to eat anything with refined sugar, but I'd break the rule in a second if someone gave me a box of Quisp.

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