Monday, October 22, 2007

Sick As A Dog

Not sure where that "sick as a dog" saying came from, but I know it describes my situation over the weekend.

I had a three day weekend, and it was totally ruined.

I'm not entirely sure what it was, but I have my suspicions.

On Friday I picked up some uncooked chicken, and fried some up. One of the packages of chicken I bought was marked at twenty five percent off. I was hesitant to purchase it, but I thought why not save a dollar or so.

I opened up the other packages and they smelled fine, but when I opened the specially discounted chicken it had a somewhat less than fresh smell. I couldn't tell if it was bad so I washed it off with the other raw chicken, and smelled it again. Smelled about the same as the other chicken after I had washed it off.

I went ahead and cooked up all the chicken. Everyone seemed to love the fried chicken I made.

No one got sick, but me (I must have cooked the chicken right, but goofed on washing my hands).

And boy did I get sick.

Severe gag reflex, and vomiting. Some Diarrhea. A low grade fever, and aches, and pains. Weakness.

Last night I was close to going to the hospital, but I'm a stubborn type, and didn't go.

I'm certain this was food poisoning.

I usually buy my chicken frozen, and at a much less expensive price. From now on I'll stick to the frozen variety, and thaw it out myself. One of the most expensive food stores in town stuck it to me - and in a product they're known to have a good reputation in.

Right now I feel very sore. I woke up this morning with my throat burning from the stomach acid which I had tossed up.

My chest, and sides are so sore from all the up chucking.

And going back to work Monday is going to be pretty tough. My job is very stressful, and I feel as if I'm exhausted going into a new week.

It's as if I didn't have a weekend at all.

I'm half tempted to call in sick, but just like I tend not to go to the hospital, or doctor, I tend not to miss work - unless I'm so sick I can't.

Anyway, I am too tired to come up with anything else to blog about.

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nancy said...

Youch! Feel better soon.

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