Friday, October 19, 2007

WMAY's Pam Furr Is Blogging Again!

Pam Furr is blogging again!

Ms. Furr recently made the shift from morning talk show host, to afternoon talk show host at WMAY. I listened to her show nearly every morning, and rarely have the opportunity now.

Ms. Furr once mentioned me on her show. She had just moments before railed on Dave of The11thhour for a post he wrote which mentioned her show. She said she'd be dealing with me next, and then went to commercial. I had to leave the car just before she came back. I never heard what she said about my post.

I've always wondered what she said. I kind of suspect that she let me have it. I'll never know.

You know Pam if you're reading this I want you to know that I have known (still do) several people here in town who did their bit doing the D.J./Talk Show Host/Radio News/Television News/ thing.

Most people in your industry leave it after awhile. Maybe one day you'll do so. So whether you're a public figure now, ten years from now, or leave the industry ten days from now - I'll still try to show you the respect that you - and everyone else deserves - but I'll also speak my mind.

I understand your on air status puts you in a position in which you can be targeted for criticism, but as time has shown - I am not your critic. My blog isn't dedicated to getting anyone.

I respect you for your mind - because despite any barrier you cast about your on air persona you speak enough to reveal a great deal about yourself - you're smart, and funny, and compassionate.

I never had any intention to cast you as unprofessional, dumb, lazy, or worse yet - a racist. Maybe I could have written my post last year a bit differently?

Anyway, I'm glad that you're blogging again, and I hope everyone checks out your blog!
You've got lots to say, and I feel you could be really good at it. Best of wishes for you.

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