Friday, November 02, 2007

Mattel's Strange Change Machine - Time Machine

Mattel's Strange Change Machine

This was one of my favorite childhood toys. It's amazing how memory works. So many years ago, yet I recall sitting on the little sidewalk which led away from our front porch and to the driveway. There I was a small boy using this dangerous hot plate to heat up memory plastic characters.

I'd crush them into little squares, and then bring them back into form using the hot plate.

No toy like this could be sold today, but it was one of my favorite toys.

The colors and shapes of the little creatures in the photo above bring back instant memories of chewing on those toys - and of third degree burns on my little fingers as I'd skip using the little blue tongs and grab the molten plastic characters right out of the enclosed time machine hot plate.

It was a very tough toy, and was around years after I stopped playing with it. Eventually I just threw it away to make space in my closet. They come up for sale every once in awhile on Ebay, and there are several websites dedicated to this toy.

Ah the memories.

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Dave said...

I had one of those too. I remember the smell when you would heat up the plastic pieces.

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