Monday, December 31, 2007

The Three Kings - Minus One

The Three Stooges

The Three Kings - Minus One
By JeromeProphet

Disclaimer: All similarities between the characters in this sketch, and anyone living, ever have lived, or other fictional characters is purely coincidental.

Scene One

Knight: Out of the way! Out of the way you!

Squire: Move out of the way! The three kings approach!

Peasant Woman: The three kings?

Squire: Yes, the three kings, and they've traveled far indeed.

Peasant Man: But I only see two.

Squire: Two? Oh yes, one failed to make the trip.

Knight: My good man can you tell us where to find Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus?

Peasant Man: Baby Jesus?

Knight: Yes, yes now do tell us where to find the Christ child.

Peasant Woman: Well, there is a Mary and Joseph living on the hillside to the west of town, but they haven't a baby at least not that I know of anyway. They do have a son named Jesus, but he's about twelve I reckon.

Knight: Twelve? You must be mistaken. My lordship this fool claims he knows of no baby Jesus.

King One: Just point us in the right direction will you?

Peasant Woman: Off to the west, you'll see them on the large hill to the west, but you won't find any baby Jesus.

Knight: Off we go then.

End Scene One

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