Monday, February 04, 2008

Thank You - U.S.S. Jimmy Carter Crew!

The U.S.S. Jimmy Carter

While the ongoing (First week of February 2008) interruption in Internet connectivity to several Middle Eastern states may currently be seen as an inconvenience to Internet users living in those nations, and may even be harmful to businesses in those nations which depend upon the Internet, it is vitally important that the U.S. maintain, and expand surveillance of Internet traffic in this volatile region.

Accessing the information flowing though the undersea cables serving those nations is in fact so vital to the U.S. national interest, and those of its allies, that a temporary disruption to that connection was deemed necessary.

The Incredible U.S.S. Jimmy Carter Spy Submarine

To the crew of the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter, for playing a vital role in installing fiber optic cable taps we must commend you. Anyone who values freedom, peace, and prosperity owes you a debt. A minor, and temporary inconvenience to some will no doubt help to secure a greater level of economic, and social stability throughout the world. Your actions now will have a positive effect upon future generations which seek to eliminate poverty, and social injustice which social chaos spawns.

The Mostly Obsolete Under Sea Cable Electro Induction Tap

It is exciting to believe that as I write these words the crew of the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter is laboring diligently under the veil of darkness thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean. That they are employing advanced technology to do what was considered impossible by some, and impractical by others just a decade ago. For reasons of national security your incredible technological accomplishments will go unrecognized within your lifetimes.

U.S.S. Jimmy Carter Scrambling To Install Fiber Optic Repeater Taps?

The entire crew of the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter, from the cook to the Capitan should all feel very proud of their role in fighting international terrorism, and in thwarting nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks.

Your jobs are both dangerous, and unsung.

Periodic "Interruptions" Allow Installation And Maintenence Of Fiber Optic Taps

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