Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Left Only With Heartbreak

"The Separation"

Heart Break - Micro Prose

by JeromeProphet

I looked in your eyes - they were frozen in tears.
I heard all your lies - your love was just fear - no more than a heartache.

I am death all alone - in darkness and pain. I cry and I moan - I'm going insane.
They whisper go home, return to your harms and your heart stake.

While your darkness did reign - and it's your legacy now.
All I felt was your pain, asking why, but not how - filled only with heart break.

Now though my fate be despair - to no longer know care. I shall always be there.
I will never return, nor be victim of you and your heart rape.
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FANCY said...

The loveliness in pain, and unanswered love...

Thank you for your comment in my post are something really special you made me smile... I'm speechless... Thank you

ANNA-LYS said...

Dark beauty how painful You are, but still 'cause of You I can appreciate the bright side of life, now I know the difference, when I meet it the next time.

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