Friday, March 21, 2008

Self Importance

Self Importance
by Jerome Prophet

We're granted one moment
One fleeting chance to see
But instead choose to chase a false and distorted reality

Out hot molten blood sets fire to our hearts
Rushing with hate and pounding its fate
Setting our course toward damnation and rape.

We see ourselves at the pinnacle now
Yet running and scampering away with the crowd
We're thinking and scheming, believing and dreaming
Telling ourselves it all matters somehow

Betrayers of self and selves yet unborn
We red blooded beast we're weary and worn
We'll destroy all we have in the name of our gods
It's all for the taking the stealing and raping

One precious moment built upon greed
We gather and gather more than we need
And then we return to darkness and mud
Believing ourselves immortals and good.
"Grant thou me a peaceful life, for I am truthful and just. I have uttered no falsehoods nor acted deceitfully."
-Egyptian Book of The Dead-

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