Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth Quake Hits Southern Illinois!

That was a nice way to be awakened.

Such tremors are common in say southern California, but are rare in Central Illinois.

My experience?

Just the rocking back and forth in bed, until I realized something was going on - and I awoke.

My wife said what's going on?

So I went to the window and looked out.


Then my daughter was like - sp0oked.

Was that an earth quake?

Yes, I believe it was.

So right now everyone is up.

I said, this kind of thing happens a lot in Southern California.

I'd say the orientation of the waves was from south to north.

So I'd place the epicenter in southern Illinois - OMG New Madrid - I wonder how their doing?

It was a fairly big one - due to the long wave - moving the entire mattress back and forth like that.

I'd say anyone close to the epicenter might have some damage.

That's it.

I'm going to check the news now.

Oh, my wife said the last one was back on June 10th, 1986 or 1989.

She doesn't remember which year exactly, but she said she's sure of the day.

I remember that too. I got up so fast during the rocking and rolling that I hurt my thumb.

I thought it was ironic that the news cast said no one was injured, and my thumb had a broken nail and was smarting me for days.

That time I went outside for a walk and looked around. Some minor cracks appears in the building I lived in - and it made me nervous.

O.K. That's my Earth Quake report.

Oh yes, all of our cats seemed somewhat upset by it, but none predicted anything.


See my next post for more details!

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