Monday, April 07, 2008

The Madness of Accepting the Truth

Undoing The Suicide Pact Which Is Human History

For most of my life I've thought, and sometimes rather deeply, about the true nature behind the human experience.

My earliest memories are those of being indoctrinated into Christian thought as a child.

I quickly came to understand that superstition and authoritarianism could not substitute for the cold harsh reality which Science illuminated - one which provides many answers, but one which left even more questions.

I came to suspect that I was living in a time, and a place surrounded by others who had cut themselves off from the cruel realization that the reality we created for ourselves was the reality we deserve.

I have learned of World Wars in which tens of millions of people were killed in the name of this idea, or that idea, but quite obviously were fueled by sheer animal lust for territory and power.

I have learned that the planet's most intelligent life forms - humans - have in fact placed themselves upon the precipice of self extinction. Each and every step of the way they have justified their actions with this idea, or with that idea - yet it is obvious that their self destructive behavior has been driven by greed, and the desire for power.

I was expected to accept that all of human history has driven humanity to this breaking point, and yet I have been asked to believe that somehow at the last possible moment that human beings would realize their dire situation and would wisely choose life over death, cooperation over war, understanding over rage, order over chaos, and a bright future over oblivion. I was expected to believe this.

Yet as the decades pass I am at a point in my life where I have become rather frightened, and disturbed. I see the growth of religion's, and nationalism's influence in the world, and wonder just how long it will be until doomsday.

I see a rejection of principle and reason, and the substitution of the worship of material possessions, and ancient deities, and I wonder how long it will be until the next and final World War. Mankind's final solution.

I see the same old tendencies of humanity to divide itself into simple groups along this division or that division, only now the weapons and the means of delivering them are no longer bows and arrows, or even machine guns and bullets, but are a million times more powerful, and a million times more accurate.

And I know that this fact of our godlike destructive abilities instills paranoia not only within me, but also within all of those individuals who are in charge of preparing an end to humankind.

And it frightens me.

I also know that this madness and the fate it drives us to is entirely avoidable.

If only,

If only we could find a way to communicate and build connections within ourselves, and between each other that allows us resist the temptations of the flesh, and the primitive ape madness that has always driven humans to kill, rape, torture, enslave, and subjugate one another.

And I hope.

And I hope.

And I hope that we find a way.

Before it is too late.


RickMonday said...


Very thoughtful commentary. I have always believed that mother nature has a unique way of trying to keep things in balance.

First take animals. If an animal population gets too large sometype of disease seems to creep up, like CWD with deer. If there are not enough coyote in an area, the mother will have a litter with up to 8 pups.

The same can be said for the human population. If we have an overpopulated area, like Europe in the middle ages, the bubonic plague pops up and thins the population. Today we have AIDS and other maladies to thin the population. And of course we have human nature and its innate lust for power and control, from both capitalists and communists/socialists, that could wipe out huge segments of the population.

I was brought up Catholic but after working with the Church powers during my marriage, I got a direct look into what they are really after, again power and control. I still believe in the message but the humans who run it are like anyone else, power hungry.

I really dont know if we can ever have peace. Only a few individuals throughout history have made a decent attempt to truly bring peace, Jesus Christ, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, MLK Jr, and a handful of others. My point is that we have many more trying to start wars and kill others than we have people who are promoting peace. Even the mainstream religions have had a heavy hand in the "thinning out" process. We had the Crusades, we now have Islamo-fascism, we had the Inca's and Mayans. Almost every century has had their blood thirsty killers, Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and the list goes on.

I worry about what kind of world my children will grow up in. I worry about what type of crazed influence will engulf the early part of the 21st century and pray that they are spared.

ANNA-LYS said...

I am deeply touched by Your post, have never actually heard the voice of an non-materialistic American. I am not prejudiced, I knew You must exist, I just haven't heard it "On The Air", from a blogger.

I have never understood the mechanism behind sending sons to kill others sons, and then go to church, and thank "Him", for that!?!


JeromeProphet said...


Thanks for your generosity.

There are so many good Americans - much better than me - really.

I just happen to blog, and was fortunate enough to have you as my reader.


JeromeProphet said...


Overpopulation does create problems within populations just as you have pointed out.

I believe we will have no other choice, but to create a peaceful world, or perish.

I'm not sure how we'll get there, but the choice seems to be upon us - and it will be up to these current generations, and those that follow to find a way.


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