Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Four Dollars Per Gallon Gasoline Rant

When I bought my SUV last Fall gasoline prices were under three dollars per gallon - not much under - but still under. Before I purchased my Mountaineer I calculated what it would cost to drive the vehicle. I generously added a quarter to the cost of a gallon, not believing gasoline would rise in cost much more than that in the coming year. If I had only known.

Gasoline has risen in price approximately 33% in the last six months.

It now cost me $88 dollars to fill up my 22 gallon tank.

I fill up twice a month.

Just six months later it now cost me $60 more per month to drive my SUV.

Where did the money come from?

From cutting back on everything else - that's where.

The other night I drove my daughter over to her friend's apartment, then went back home. I then went back to pick her up. Providing my daughter a ride to, and from her friends cost me $4.00. I've told my daughter after that night that she'll have to drive herself there in her car, which gets twice the miles per gallon as my SUV.

I have decided to drive the speed limit!

I've noticed that I'm not the only commuter driving an SUV that has begun obeying the posted speed limit. It's a funny feeling driving down the road knowing that I am obeying the law.

The little cars still fly past, but I'm now much much much safer, for not only am I driving a tank, but I'm finally driving at a safe speed.

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