Friday, May 30, 2008

Reanimus Nocturnus

Reanimus Nocturnus
Reanimus Nocturnus
by Jerome Prophet

When you fall into the darkness
And don't see that shaft of light
When you hear the thunder booming
From your left and from your right

What will be your answer
Will you run or will you fight
Or will you give up quietly
And become a creature of the night

You Have Reached The End
Music - Jack Off Jill/Everything's Brown
Video - Return of the Living Dead 3 - see video for credits


whimsical brainpan said...

I like the poem and the video was well done and very creepy.

If I ever get married I plan to have it in my wedding vows that my spouse will shoot me in the head if I ever become a zombie.

No I'm not kidding. I'm a big zombie movie fan.

JeromeProphet said...

Whimsical Brainpan:

Not my video, but I agree it's very well done.

I reworked my poem a bit - and think it's even better now, you might want to give it another read.

I like zombie movies too. LOL.

This post examines the final moment.

There are three common experiences to all living things - we are brought forth from non-living substances, we then live, and then we return into our constituent non-living substances.

For human beings that means conception, life, and death.

Many of us will live long enough to be aware that we are heading toward the great oblivion, or the great beyond (take your pick).

Some of us never know what's coming.

But for all of us, death gives us no choice.

We can try and fight or flee death, but how far we will get - can only be measured in a short bit of cheated time - an extra hour, or even an extra decade, but in the end death catches up.

The whole Zombie sub-genre is interesting and exciting because we can vicariously run from death, sometimes successfully, sometimes not through the characters in the movie.

It gives us a chance to work out some of our fears before having to encounter our own mortality.

Which we all must do - no exceptions.

Hope I didn't lay to much down here - I probably did.


whimsical brainpan said...

LOL! You didn't "lay too much down".

The idea of living forever (zombified or not) is my worst nightmare. Faced my own death years ago and am just fine with it.

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