Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Red Tulips Of Death

Red Tulips of Death

Red Tulips of Death
A Short Story
By Jerome Prophet

Danny: These flowers are for you Mommy!

Mommy: Oh how beautiful, give Mommy a kiss.

Danny: Here Mommy!

Mommy: They are very beautiful, but where did you get them Danny?

Danny: I took them from the yard with the red house Mommy.

The mother's smile immediately faded.

Mommy: Danny, how many times have I warned you not to take flowers from that yard?

Danny: But Mommy I got them for you because you are so beautiful, and I love you!

Mommy: Oh sweetie, I know you meant well, but it's wrong to take things that aren't yours.

Danny: But they have so many two lips they won't miss them, will they Mommy?

Mommy: Maybe not, but it's wrong anyway. We mustn't do it again.

Danny: No Mommy I won't.

Mommy: No Danny, I know you won't.

Danny: Here's one more I put in my pocket. It's a bit crumpled.

Mommy: Be a good boy then, and go get me a vase from the cabinet - a blue one.

Danny: Yes Mommy!

Mommy: Walk, don't run! What do I always tell you?

Danny: O.K.

As the little boy went to retrieve the blue vase the mother opened a drawer and pulled out some scissors. She carefully cut the ends of each flower's stem at just the right angle.

The little boy returned with the blue vase.

Danny: Here Mommy!

The boy's mommy took the vase from her little boy's hands, placed the flowers into the blue vase, and filled the vase with fresh cool water. She placed the vase on the kitchen table.

She then stabbed the little boy repeatedly with the scissors in his head and chest.

Mommy: That will teach you to steal!

The little boy slowly sank to the kitchen floor with a blank expression upon his little face. The floor around his crumpled lifeless body turned bright red with his fresh warm blood.

The blood perfectly complimented the beautiful red flowers in the bright blue vase.

The End


RickMonday said...


You should have been a writer for the Twi-light zone.
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dude, That is a sick story. A child is driven by emotions more than reason, and hence they need direction, perhaps with a spanking with a view to their being better behaved next time, but not unmerciful violence and brutal butchery! The story isn't even interesting, just vile.

JeromeProphet said...

To Anonymous:

It's fiction.

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