Monday, May 19, 2008

Shut The Hell Up Mr. Bush!

Shut The Hell Up Mr. Bush! (intro)

I dedicate this post to future generations which will wonder how we, who endured our clown king of a President, felt about George W. Bush and his band of slithering cronies.

The videos which accompany this post may become disconnected from this post in the future, but please look up Keith Olbermann, for he many times expressed our thoughts.

Few voices sounded so eloquent in expressing our angst as MSNBC's pundit Keith Olbermann. Some on the right consider Olberman to be guilty of sedition, while those fed up with the evil lies of the Bush Administration have found Keith's outrage to be long overdue. Rare it is that any member of the main stream media could express the contempt we the American people feel toward our evil clown king.

Bush Pathetically Lied About Why He Gave Up Golf

So many of us felt the way Keith Olbermann did. We detested the clown king Bush, and his cronies who lied to us. They took advantage of our anger, and our fear right after the 911 terrorist attack. They channeled our patriotic zeal into a war upon Iraq which was based upon their greed, and their dishonesty. They sold out the American people, and they betrayed us for a quick buck, and personal power.

They wasted the opportunity to bring mass murder Osama Bin Laden to justice, and they wasted hundreds of billions of dollars in treasure, and the blood and lives of thousands of our brave soldiers. We also felt regret over the loss of innocent lives taken in Iraq, and the suffering our invasion, and our occupation of Iraq put upon the Iraqi people.

And we regret the quagmire we now find ourselves ensnared within.

Bush and his cronies used our patriotism, and our sense of obligation to support and remain loyal to our brave troops against us. They manipulated us with such mastery, and they took us for fools.

This was a war for oil, and they left the entire Middle East in a far more dangerous state.

We waited, and we waited, and we waited for the end of this horrible regime.

And we knew the truth, and we shared that truth with each other waiting for the buffoon king to step from his buffoon throne.

Shut The Hell Up Mr. Bush! (conclusion)

Bush Administration Lies And Greed - The Real Reason For Iraq War

The real cost of the Iraq Invasion and Occupation of Iraq is staggering, but at no point did Bush or his cronies ever admit to doing the wrong thing. Trading Iraqi, and American lives in pursuit of their hidden ambition to take over Iraq's oil assets was all part of an evil equation.

And most certain of all we knew that the evil clown king and those sycophants he surrounded himself with would never admit what they did was wrong - no matter what the cost to others.

Note: Thank you "Katrina", for the idea for this post.

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