Friday, June 13, 2008

I See Your Light

I See Your Light
by jeromeprophet

One line to line - into this rhyme
Within this life, within this kind
I see your light - your karmic might
You are sublime, oh how you shine

You're blinding me with truth divine
Your light reveals what's most unkind
My sins and fears - My greed and tears
I'd close my eyes, but you'd still be here

Frangel by JP
You fly so right, into the sky
Like a firefly upon the mind
You are so bright within my eyes
A beam of light into this time
I'll yield to thee my angel light
My sacred right, My guiding light
I'm saved in thee, my precious knight
My shining way - my path to right
Poem by JeromeProphet
Frangel is my digital adaptation of a photograph of Actress Francis Farmer (as child)

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